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  Welcome. Here you can find the english version of freeware program CONTEST Assist, written by IK3SCA - Gianfranco Callino

New Release 5.1

CONTEST Assist is a VHF & Up Contest management program for Radio-Amateurs. 

Main features:

- Insert the data of the QSO.
- Calculate the QRB.
- Create the log sheet with the final score.
- Create the summary sheet
- Display the QSO with the maps.
- Get geographical information.
- Maintain the station Log Book.
- Export the Log in  ASCII format, XML, EDI, STD, ADIF and other formats

Minimum system requirements
- PC with 386 processor (486 or high  recommended)
- 4Mb ram (8Mb recommended)
- 10Mb Hard disk
- Windows 3.1 or Windows95/98/Me or WindowsNT/2000/XP

Download and unzip the file coasst5e.zip. After that read the file Readme.txt for the installation instructions. Note: Before the installation, check in the windows directory (normally c:\windows  or  c:\winnt ) and remove the temporary file setup1.exe.

Download now coast51e.zip   


If you have difficulty in using CONTEST Assist, send mail to :

I am happy to help you. However, please keep in mind that there is only one of the author and thousands of you.

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CONTEST Assist - Copyright 2018 Gianfranco Callino IK3SCA